Maintain the excellent customer service you provide to the clients by identifying which type of a customer you are dealing with.
Three most challenging clients that you will definitely encounter are as follows:

1. Submissive

You will not receive any call from them, they would rather not to call your hotline, even if they are experiencing some technicalities and malfunctions towards your products and services. The only time you will learn about their complaints is when you call them for promotions or necessary upgrades on their account.

2. Aggressive

The most common type of clients almost everyday received by customer service representative, the moment you attend to their calls they keep on shouting in a way that you cannot thoroughly understand what they are trying to complain.

Expect foul words and endless yelling at you from this type of clients. If your approach does not meet their requirements or proper action they think is right, they will demand you to transfer the call to any of the available supervisors at the office. Still be polite and professional, just do everything you can do to solve the issue.

3. Prodigal

These clients do not mind spending a lot of money just to avail the products and services of a company. Hence, when answering calls from prodigal clients, it usually takes around 20 up to 30 minutes providing solutions to their questions.
They know that they are paying well enough and expect you to provide full-service treatment, even if some of their requests are no longer included to the plan they obtain.

Whether you are working in a call center, big brands, and popular companies whereas the customer service is the bloodline, identifying which type of a caller you are handling helps you to find better approach to address the issues or problems they encounter.


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