For beginners that would like to try their luck in the pay-per-click advertisement must familiarize themselves in different types of PPC. Boosting your post on Facebook is not the only option you have; there are six ways to do it the right way!

The first in our list would be the paid search marketing. Whereas, showing your ads when people search for specific keywords in search engines like Google, Bing, and Safari. Use only relevant keywords to target the right customers, rather than playing with keywords that are totally different to your business.

Display advertising is composed of banners, images and graphic design you produce to be published on different websites. A type of PPC advertising when a person clicked the banner, images or the graphic design will go directly to your website. Though the display advertisement can only generate you lower click-through rate compared to paid search marketing, this can be a great way for boosting up your brand awareness.

Social media advertising is one of the best PPC advertising options where you can get better leads. Recently, it is not only in Facebook where entrepreneurs promote their businesses. In fact, almost 55% of entrepreneurs are also taking advantage of Instagram to promote.

Remarketing is also known as retargeting PPC advertising. Websites use cookies to show similar ads based on your previous online actions. For instance, if you recently searched for a “Spa in Quezon City” afterwards, you will notice an advertisement showing the latest deals or offer from a spa near you.

Price comparison advertising, a great example of this would be the Lazada and Shoppee. They collect similar items from different sellers and suppliers but you have a specific landing page for every item you offer.

The last in our list but definitely the effective PPC ads you can do is the Affiliate Marketing. Promoting your products or services to the following platforms:

  • Heavily-trafficked websites
  • Search engine
  • Business Partners

This can be managed in-house or by using a third-party provider. In-house affiliate marketing means placing your business logo to a business partner’s website while using third-party provider you have to be smart in keyword bidding.


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