Answering calls about your product or services from an aggressive customer is not bad. Do not be intimidated by this type of caller, they can help you to improve the quality of your performance. The best way to address this issue is to have a good customer service skill.


Every addressed issue rewards your employment record with the trust and loyalty of the satisfied customer. It is most likely that he will tell his experience to his friends and family. This is the positive result of investing in your customers’ satisfaction.


Here are some ways to handle this type of caller.


Act on it quickly

The best way to gain your customer’s trust is to resolve his complaint as quickly as possible. Be polite and respectful while handling the call. Be in command of the situation. Be straight-to-the-point and honest to demonstrate that you value their time.


Speed and accuracy are essential to solve the problem, keep the customer on the line until you fully understand the situation.


Transfer the call if you cannot answer it

A customer does not like being transferred to different people but talking to him without solving the issue is more frustrating. If you cannot provide him with the right answer, transfer his call to the person who knows the technicalities of the product or service. The right person can address their problem instantly.


Take time to double check

As the customer service representative, enhance your relationship with your customer by making a call to double check, if he is satisfied with how you resolved the problem. Ask him if he has other concerns that you can resolve.


If everything fails, do not be afraid to apologize

If the customer complains about the price or a complicated feature, which he finds difficult to get familiar with, listen with compassion and apologize for things that you do not have control.


Learning how to deal with aggressive callers, handling customers that are more difficult will just be easy for you as the customer service personnel.



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